JYtop 18D Hunter 4025 Health Monitoring and Therapy - Metapathia GR Hunter NLS Bioresonance Diagnose Health Therapy System

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JYtop 18D Hunter 4025 Health Monitoring and Therapy - Metapathia GR Hunter NLS Bioresonance Diagnose Health Therapy System



Products Names

4025 NLS Metatron Hunter

Main Peculiarity

Multidimensional  Virtual scanning


Metapathia GR Hunter

Main Function

Bacterial research, NLS analyzer,Entropy analyzer, Comparative  analyzer, Ultrastructure, Smart-filter

Correcting actions

Meta Therapy,Stone Therapy(lithotherapy), Phytotherapy and preparation  making


Above 90%

Number of computer graphic models of organs and tissues


Number of digitized spectral etalons of preparations and processes


Testing time

About 5min



Operation system


Frequency of internal generator

Max 4.9 GHz

Current consumption

Up to 300 MA



Power supply

USB port on your computer




1. The Hunter 4025 is more automatically.
2. Hunter will give you a comparison after you doing the analysis and therapy.
3. Hunter will give you the further research for deep reason.
4. Hunter will give you the recommendation about the treatment for testee.
5. Hunter can give you higher in accuracy.
6. The Hunter is more professional and smart.
7. Hunter can test your full body according to the system of human, which can help you save time to choose item.
8. Hunter can do the meridian test.
9. The software of Hunter is more suitable for using, when you move the mouse to the icon, it will give you a description of the function of the button.
10. Doctor can add more precise nidus in testing.
11. There is a "smart filter" function, it can pass the items which are unsuitable for the testee, and leave the items which are suitable for the testee.




- Research speed is increased more than 5 times.
-Scan up to 1432 organs and tissues on a cellular level.
-4025 digitized spectral etalons of preparations and processes.

- high-performance multidimensional non-linear scanners (metatrons) of Z series, the reliability of researches is increased greatly, accuracy can reach 95%.


Operating principle and operational procedures:

The system operates according to the principle of the amplification of the initiating signal of disintegrating meta-stable structures. Affected by the external electromagnetic field, magnetic moments of molecular currents in the admixture centers of the cortex nerve cells, causes them to loose their original orientation. This result in misalignment of the spin structures of these delocalized electrons gives rise to unstable or meta-stable states within them. These disintegrating conditions then act as the initiating signal.

In terms of physics the apparatus is a system of electronic oscillations, which resonate at the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. With their energy being equal to the energy required to break down the dominant bands that maintain the structural organization of the biological object. The system enables the production of a preset bioelectrical activity of the brain neurons, and with this background activity, it becomes possible to selectively amplify signals, which before were hardly detectable against the static fluctuations. The information about the specific temporary conditions of organs and tissues are then gathered on a non-contact basis by means of
a "trigger-sensor", developed with the aid of modern information technology and microcircuitry. The sensor detects faint signal fluctuations and selects them from the average statistical noise characteristics of the field and converts them to a digital sequence that is processed by a microprocessor,which is then transmitted to the computer through the interface cable.