JYtop 2019 18D Hunter4025 Sub Health Analyzer Diagnostic Quantum Bioresonance Analyzer

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Newest JYtop 18D NLS Sub Health Analyzer Diagnostics Quantum Bioresonance Analyzer

Product Name: 18D NLS Sub Health Analyzer
Optional Language: English
Material: Aluminum alloy
Power Type: USB
Package Weight: About 5kg
Accuracy: 95%

Package Includes:
1*18D NLS Analyzer
1* Headset Type Sensor
1*USB line
1*Physical Measure Cup
1*Suitcase (Silver or Black,Random delivery)

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No side effects will be caused according to the established method of use.For safety reasons, the following patients should not use the system:
1.Cumulative venereal disease (e.g. epilepsy)
2.With a heart rate regulator
3.An organ transplant.
4.People who are pregnant.
5.People with serious mental illness (mental illness, depression).
6.People with severe acute muscular dystonia.
At present, the NLS system is not experienced enough in the above cases, so it has to be excluded from the application scope.

1.Non-invasive & absolutely safe:
a,The non-invasive measurement is made by using light wave and sonar to scan the whole body organs.
b,Non-voltage and current stimulation, no contact with the skin, no stripping, no imaging agents, no bleeding, no radiation damage
c,Cycling is a green physical examination, and both doctors and patients can use it safely and without worry.
d,Marathon examinees have no discomfort and no side effects

2. Conformity & Comprehensiveness
a,Combining quantum and biological theory and traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, the results are presented by western medicine pathology and anatomical images
b,Complete evaluation of physical function changes
c,Total data analysis is conducted on the basis of the nonlinear analysis system
d,Versatile treatment and optimal health advice are available automatically from the ending database
e,Analysis of comparative data
f,Medical health management system for health promotion, preventive medicine and sub-health
g,Chemotherapy can be widely used in the adjuvant diagnosis and treatment of various departments

3.Rapidity & convenience
a,Free from stripping, waiting and fasting.
b,With only 10 minutes to complete the whole body 50~80 main analogue tomography detection, the health condition can be quickly analyzed and evaluated.
c,The diagnosis and tracing can be accomplished with the same instrument
d,The portable instrument is portable and suitable for any environment
e,The length of doctor's consultation and patient's frequent visits to and from the hospital for various examinations should be reduced
f,The results of the physical examination are clearly displayed on the screen of the computer screen and presented in three types: photo, graphics and text
g,The terminal system can report on the line automatically, and the detection is quick and convenient.
4. Accuracy & Suggestion
a,Endometrium can be used to detect tissue changes in 9 major systems and 400 parts of the body
b,The scan speed and range of 90 megabytes of collecting points are clearly shown in 6 color images
c,The active state of the bacterial virus parasite and the harmful state of the toxin can be detected
d,Ending early detection of functional changes in organs, early treatment can achieve the effect of preventive medicine
e,When the function of human organs changes, the disease development trend of the human body in the next 1-5 years can be clearly understood, so that prevention is more effective than treatment

Can detect cell early decay, for cardiovascular, endocrine disease, kidney disease, such as pneumonia, liver and gallbladder diseases and tumor is very sensitive way of diagnosis, especially for tracking and monitoring the health, prevention of recurrence and metastasis of cancer patients is the best auxiliary diagnostic tool, the characteristics of X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopic, computed tomography (ct) and magnetic resonance imaging (mri) features and advantages, but completely
Zero radiation, no side effects.

Each organ, tissue and cell has its own specific magnetic induction spectrum, and each substance has its own specific radiation frequency spectrum.
Electromagnetic wave has the characteristic of magnetic induction resonance. When two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency meet, the wave can be superimposed and increased.
The principle of magnetic resonance can be used to identify whether one wave is the same as another, if the same, there will be resonance, if not the same, there will be no resonance.
The superimposed waves received by the instrument are decomposed into a special non-linear system (NLS), and various magnetic induction spectrums are presented by FOURIER TRANSFORM after decomposition (as shown by the F.T.I.R. TRANSFORM INFRARED SPECTROMETER).

According to the laws of quantum physics and holographic theory, the human body is a quantum system, so the human body is composed of the smallest vibration and energy single bit.
The deeper we go into the subcellular and subatomic layers, the more clearly we can see the connection between the body and the brain's control centers.

Human body analyzer can quickly check in 20 minutes the human body each system and organ function, disease classification and etiology of complete information, immediately understand the function of each organ, if there is a state of degradation degree and can be recovered, can detect the common diseases include: gastric ulcer, heart arrythmias, uterine fibroids, bag is swollen, prostatitis or adenoma, a gland dysfunction, kidney stones, gallstones, endocrine disorders, autonomic nerve disorder, colonic diverticulum polyps, etc., with you to a hospital doing health check accuracy is above eighty percent, and without expensive inspection fees.

Human magnetic induction analyzer precision inspection can be carried out for the whole body nine systems:
Digestive system: such as intestines, stomach, liver and gallbladder
Respiratory system: such as lungs, nasal cavity and bronchi
Reproductive urinary system: such as urinary tract, peritoneal gland, bladder, etc
Circulation system: such as the heart, blood vessels and brain
(5) nervous system: such as brain nerve, autonomic nerve.
(6) lymphatic system: gastric lymphatics, intestinal lymphatics
Sensory system: eyeball, ear canal, breast tissue
(8) endocrine system: thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pituitary gland
(9) skeletal system: spine, joints


Installation steps:

1. Exit the computer firewall and anti-virus software.

2. Install NET

3. Connect the instrument and insert a white dongle

4. Install the main program hunter4025 and Driver D2XX v2.12.00

5. Use the instrument to make settings.

Note: Before all operations, please be sure to quit the computer firewall and anti-virus software to ensure that the computer has NET installed. After all this, start connecting the instrument and install it.