JYTOP CE SP500 IV&Fluid Infusion Syringe Pump Medfusion Machine,Alarm

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SP500 Syringe Pump is an economical product aiming at domestic users, which can be used in each clinical department and ward, it can control the injection rate and volume featuring in long time, high-accuracy, large range and continuous, and it has fully met the different requirements of modern clinical medical in various occasions.

1)Stable injection without pulsation(KVO).
2)Recognize the syringe automatically.
3)Enter KVO state after alarm.
4)The syringes of different brands can be changed as need.
5)The built-in battery provides such functions as auto-switch and auto-charge management under power failure.
6)Alarm functions: occlusion, battery exhausted, completion, KVO completion, syringe empty, syringe-off, system failure, system abnormality, misoperation, low battery, near empty, near completion, standby end, power interruption, uninstalled syringe, communication failure, etc.
7)The disposable syringes of different specifications conformed with national standard can be used, and the accuracy in different injection rate can be controlled by adjusting the parameters.
8)Optional seven languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish and Portuguese.

Syringe specification: 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml and 50/60 ml syringe conformed with national standard
Range of injection rate
    5 ml   0.1 ml/h~150 ml/h
    10 ml  0.1 ml/h~300 ml/h
    20 ml  0.1 ml/h~600 ml/h
    30 ml  0.1 ml/h~900 ml/h
    50 ml  0.1 ml/h~1500 ml/h
Bolus rate   
The bolus rate is the maximal injection rate of this specification when the maximal injection rate of the current syringe is less than or equal to 800 ml/h
When the maximal injection rate of the current syringe is greater than 800 ml/h:
if the injection rate is less than 800 ml/h, the bolus rate is 800 ml/h;
if the injection rate is greater than or equal to 800 ml/h, the bolus rate is the maximal injection rate of this specification.
Volume to be injected: 0.1~9999ml; 0.1 ml~999.9 ml, increment: 0.1ml; 1000~9999ml, increment: 1ml
Accumulated volume: 0.1 ml~9999 ml
Exhaust flow rate:
    5 ml   150 ml/h
    10 ml  300 ml/h
    20 ml  600 ml/h
    30 ml, 50ml/60ml  800 ml/h
Accuracy: ±2 % or ±0.005ml/h, whichever is greater
Pressure range of occlusion alarm:
Low grade: 40 kPa ± 16.7 kPa
Middle grade: 70 kPa ± 16.7 kPa
High grade: 120 kPa ± 24.0 kPa 
KVO rate: 0.1 ml/h~5 ml/h, unadjustable
Classification: class I, type CF applied part
Waterproof degree: IP34
Bed No.: 1~999
Power supply: AC100 V-240 V (50/60 Hz,0.4-0.14A)
DC10-16 V (2.25-1.5A)
Battery: rechargeable battery, DC7.4 V, 2600 mAh; it can continuously work for more than six hours with the injection rate of 5 ml/h after fully charged.
Working environment: 
Temperature: 5 ℃~40 ℃
Atmospheric pressure: 570 hPa~1060 hPa
Relative humidity: 15 %~95 %
No strong vibration and no corrosive gas
Storage environment:
Temperature: -20 ℃~+60 ℃ 
Atmospheric pressure: 500 hPa~1060 hPa
Relative humidity:10 %~95 %, non-condensing 
No corrosive gas 
Well ventilation

One versatile socket
One power cord
One user manual (GB only)on request for other Language

Physical characteristic
Dimension: 360 mm × 145 mm × 123 mm(L×W×H)
Weight: about 1.9 kg