JYTOP CO2 Patient Monitor Vital Signs Monitor 7 Parameters CMS9200 With ETCO2+Printer

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  •     Elegant appearance, clear marks, standard interface, oxygen graph, trend graph, big characters, other BED observation, which are convenient for users.
  •     Standard parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SpO2 and dual-channel TEMP. built-in printer  ,ETCO2   ,IBP,  are optional.
  •     Fifteen languages are optional, and all operations can be finished by keys and buttons.
  •     15'' color LCD displays patient parameter and waveform collected, and alarm, bed NO., clock, equipment state and other information provided by the monitor synchronously.
  •     Monitoring parameters, scan speed, volume and output contents can be set optionally.
  •     Storage of 480-hour trend data, and review of 34-second holographic waveform.
  •     Adopt digital SpO2 technology, strong in anti-interference and anti-weak filling capability.
  •     Calculation of drug concentration.
  •     Built-in rechargeable battery for uninterrupted monitoring.
  •     Print ECG, SpO2, RESP, BP and TEMP data with one-key.
  •     Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof(requirement for special leads).
  •     Optional functions: Moving bracket, hanging bracket, VGA output and and 12-lead.

    Safety classification:
Type of protection against electroshock: Class I
    Degree of protection against electroshock: type CF defibrillation-proof applied part
    Degree of protection against ingress of water: IPX0
    Environment requirement:
      Working: 5~40(℃)
      Transport and storage: -40~+55(℃)
      Working: 30%~75%
      Transport and storage: ≤95%(no coagulation)
    Power supply
    Power supply: AC100~240V, 50/60 (Hz)
    Maximal input power: 150VA
    Working time: 90 minutes
    Waveform: display 8-channel waveform in a screen
    Color: waveform and parameter color can be set
    Waveform and parameter selection: parameter and waveform need to be displayed can be selected, and waveform position also can be adjusted.

Alarm items: technical alarm, 71 physiological alarms and 60 arrhythmia alarms.
    Prompt mode: visible, audible and character alarm (3 alarm levels)
    Trend review
    Time: trend review for 480-hour, review for 2400 groups of BP data
    Review mode: trend graph and trend table
    SD card review: trend review and review for 72-hour ECG waveform
    Network mode: wired, WIFI, 3G
    Connection contents: connect to central monitor system by LAN or WAN; View bed
    Updating mode
    Software updating: network updating and U disk updating
  Lead mode: 3-lead or 5-lead
    Lead selection: I, II, III, aVR, aVF, aVL, V
    Gain: ×0.25, ×0.5, ×1, ×2
    Scan speed: 12.5mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s
Measurement and alarm range
              Adult: 15~300bpm
              Pediatric and neonatal: 15~350bpm
      Accuracy: ±1% or ±1bpm, whichever is greater
    ST segment monitoring:
      Measurement and alarm range: -2.0mV~+2.0mV
      Accuracy: -0.8mv~+0.8mv ±0.04mv or ±10%, whichever is greater
    Other range: unspecified
    Arrhythmia analysis: 13-arrhythmia
    Volume: 0~7
    Pacemaker: yes
Method: R-F(RA-LL) Impedance
    Check range for respiration impedance: 0.3~5Ω
    Measurement and alarm range for RESP rate: 0~120rpm
    Accuracy: ±2 rpm
    Apnea alarm: 10~40s
    Scan speed: 6.25mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25 mm/s
Method: Oscillometry
    Measurement and alarm range:
        Systolic: 40~270mmHg
        Diastolic: 10~215 mmHg
        Mean: 20~235 mmHg
        Systolic: 40~200mmHg
        Diastolic: 10~150 mmHg
        Mean: 20~165 mmHg
        Systolic: 40~135 mmHg
        Diastolic: 10~100 mmHg
        Mean: 20~110 mmHg
    Inflation time: <30s(10~270 mmHg, standard adult cuff)
    Measurement time: <40s
    Measurement interval in AUTO mode: 1/2/3/4/5/10/15/30/60/90 minutes
    Accuracy for BP measurement: ±5mmHg, maximal standard deviation: 8mmHg
    Over-pressure Protection:
            Adult Mode: 297±3 mmHg
            Pediatric Mode: 240±3 mmHg
            Neonatal Mode: 147±3 mmHg
Channel: dual-channel
    Measurement Range: 0 ~ 50℃
    Accuracy: 0.1℃
    Display resolution: 0.1℃
    Updating time: about 1s

 Measurement Range: 0 ~ 100 %
    Measurement accuracy :70%~100%: ±2%;
                                           0%~69%: unspecified
    Display resolution: 1%
    Upper and lower limit for alarm: 0~100%
    Measurement and alarm range for PR: 0~250bpm
    Measurement accuracy for PR: ±2bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater.
    Pulse modulation volume: yes
    Waveform: 2-channel
    Print width: 48mm
    Paper speed: 25mm/s, 50mm/s
    Method: Sidestream or Mainstream
    Measurement Range for CO2: 0~150mmHg
    Resolution for CO2:
            0.1 mm Hg: 0 to 69 mm Hg
            0.25 mm Hg: 70 to 150 mm Hg
    Accuracy for CO2:
             0 – 40 mm Hg: ±2 mm Hg
            41 – 70 mm Hg :±5%
            71 – 100 mm Hg :±8%
            101 – 150 mm Hg :±10%
             Respiration Rate>80BPM: ±12%
    AwRR Range: 0~150 rpm
    Apnea Alarm: yes


Physical characteristic
Dimension: 363 x 168 x 339 (mm)(L×W×H)
Weight: 4.9kg


  •     User Manual (GB only)on request for other Language
  •     Adult fingertip SpO2 probe (5-pin)
  •     NIBP extension tube
  •     NIBP metal plugs
  •     Adult NIBP cuff
  •     ECG lead wire(American standard)
  •     ECG electrode
  •     Temperature probe
  •     Power cord