JYTOP DDS B1-B15 Mud For Use With DDS Bio Electric Therapy Machine- DDS Mud Tub

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JYTOP DDS B1-15 Mud For Use With DDS Bio Electric Therapy Machine- DDS Mud Tub


APPLICATIONS:DDS Bioelectric Massage Therapy is easy to learn with no special licensing requirements, and there are no side effects or pain associated with DDS treatment.
    PROFESSIONALS:Massage Therapists, Physical Detox Specialists, Med Spas, Recovery Centers, Home & Family Care, Esthetics & Beauty Salons, Nutrition Health Coaches,
 Pain Management Clinics, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and Athletic Trainers Sports Medicine.
    QUALITY CERTIFICATION:All DDS Bioelectric Therapy Devices and Accessories are Quality Tested by the DDS Bio Therapy Center.
    BOX INCLUDES:B-5 DDS Bio Therapy Body Massage Herbal Therapy Mud only. DDS Bio Therapy Massage Oils, DDS Therapy Devices and DDS Therapy Creams, need to be purchased separately and are available from the DDS Bio Therapy Center.
    NOTE:Not recommended for people who have a pacemaker, stents, thrombosis (blood clots in the arms or legs), a bacterial infection and who are pregnant.

Clears the blockages of the meridians; promotes blood circulation and boosts metabolism
Enhances the anti-inflammatory and sterilization effect
Relieve all kinds of tension and pain caused by poor nervous system
Stimulates muscle nerve, cell, tissue, fascia and joints to increase your energy flow
Regulates body pH, activating the immune system which helps to prevent, treat and heal illness and disease
Detoxes the body providing acid-base equilibrium and Lessens mood-swing, improves digestion and sleep
Keeps you beautiful with anti-aging facial, toning your skin, reducing wrinkles and lines and improving your complexion

The DDS Bioelectric Massage Therapy Device alleviates stress and tension by using electrotherapy technology that creates current to stimulate and contract and relax muscles. A pulsating sensation goes through the central nervous system, blocking pain receptors without the use of needles, medication or surgery.
Together the low electrical current regulated by the trained clinician, and the selected herbs (DDS Cream, DDS Oil and DDS Mud -which are sold separately) regulates balance and energy circulation to the patient. This enables the body to obtain optimum health.

Material: Herbal Mud
Weight: 300g
Unit: Single Tub
Applicable Area: Body
Compatible with: DDS Bioelectric Massage Therapy Device(Hebei Hualin Acid-Base Machine and other models)