JYTOP Kernel 4003B2LD UV phototherapy portable 311nm narrowband UVB phototherapy lamp for vitiligo psoriasis

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Special 311nm narrowband UV lamps or PUVA bulb produced by Philips as light source ,with effective treatment for skin disorders.Such as vitiligo psoriasis eczema,suitable for treatment at home.AC or DC power supply two models.For DC power supply,there's rechargeable lithium battery inside ,convenient for traveling taken.
Unique comb for distance guide as well as the scalp treatment

1. No erythema effect or Previous light erythema effect disappeared.
Every time increase 20~ 25% dose.
2. Mild erythema effect
Same as the last dose or increase 10% dose,if erythema effect disappears,same as A .
3. Asymptomatic, clear the shinning erythema
Stop treatment for one time, then with the same exposure, later every time by 10% gradually increasing dose.
Stop treatment, until recovery.