JYTOP KN- 4006BL UVB Phototherapy 311nm UV lamps for Psoriasis Vitiligo Eczema CE PMA 510K audited UV phototherapy for home use

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Advancing of technology promise of life

1.stable and long usage life special UV lamps as light source

2.narrow band UV lamp with hith intensity and long usage life

3.intelligenf controlling,mulfiple configurafion is optional

4.with small volume,light weight,convenient to carry

5.unique structure designed,suitable for clinical and family use

6.with optional voice prompt function


The lamp comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty (500 hours for bulbs)

How to use UV Phototherapy?

Before treatment

Before treatment: the first step, please take a bath for 15 to 20 minutes to remove skin surface scales;

The second step, patients need to determine the MED.


1.Intensity of KN - 4006 - B/BL is 10 mW/cm

2. MED calculation method for irradiation time S = dose (J/cm2) * 1000/10 (mW/cm2)