JYTOP S1 Slim electric toothbrush Mini Waterproof Adult Rechargeable automatic touch key

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1. The world's first slim electric toothbrush, electric toothbrush with 16mm diameter minimum sonic motor (slim figure, light luxury texture aluminum button), sonic electric toothbrush specially designed for women

2, the new planting process (the brush head is made of copper-free hair, it is not easy to breed bacteria)

3, low noise design, brush your teeth more peace of mind

4, IPX7 waterproof design, no worries

5, intelligent mode memory function, remember the last brushing mode

6, intelligent timing & oral multi-directional cleaning (2 minutes smart brushing time, 30 seconds smart zone reminder)

7, four brushing modes, one-button control to meet different cleaning needs (clean mode 31000 times/minute, sensitive mode 26000 times/minute, whitening mode 26000 ~ 31000 times/minute alternate, massage mode 26000~31000 times/min alternate)

8, four brushing mode LED light breathing display, stylish and beautiful

9, magnetic suspension sonic motor, low noise, long life, strong power (31000 times/minute high-frequency sound wave vibration, 220gf / cm continuous power output)

10, smart charging solution (host chip equipped with smart charging solution, color light tips)

11, Type-c interface charging, charging is convenient and portable, charging speed is fast

12, up to 25 days of battery life, charging instructions

13, brush head replacement reminder (the middle green bristles light color is prompted to replace the toothbrush head)

14, the United States high-quality DuPont bristles and curved appearance, fit the teeth healthier

Product Information

•Material: ABS

•Bristles: Dupont0.127mm Bristles, Copper-free planting Technology

•Charge Port: Type-C

•Vibration: Sonic Motor, 31000VPM

•Waterproof: IPX7

•Charge Voltage: 5V-1A

•Rated Power: 1W

•Charging Time: 3 hours

•Working Time: 30days

•Battery: 650mAh

•Mode: Clean/ Sensitive/ Whiten/ Polish

•Button: Aluminum button

Accessories include:

Toothbrush host 1

Bright white toothbrush head 1

Type-C charging cable 1 / induction charger

1 electric base

Toothbrush-attached wall mount 1

1 copy of the instruction manual