JYtop DDS Massager Multi-function Body Bioelectric Meridian Dredge Pulse Physiotherapy Instrument

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JYtop DDS Massager Multi-function Body Bioelectric Meridian Dredge Pulse Physiotherapy Instrument

DDS massager multi-function body bioelectric meridian dredge pulse physiotherapy instrument DDS electrotherapy device

Glove (socks, knee pads) output mode

The glove accessory output mode does not require any help from others. It can be done on its ow
n. It can also be massaged for others. Before use, wet the electrotherapy glove with water or lotio
n, then dry it (remember not to wring it). Then put a layer of insulated gloves on both hands. Then
wear electric therapy gloves to use 




Product Features:
Acid-base flat DDS massager according to different meridians of the human body, preferably a variety of different intensity bio-wave type, acting on the body's meridians, regulating the body's acid-base balance, achieving healthy health, health care, warm meridians, improving the sub-health of the body, is a brand new Health and beauty aids.
1. It has two kinds of biomimetic currents, medium frequency and low frequency. It acts on the meridian system of the human body to achieve local and systemic regulation and conditioning.
2, including acupuncture, hammering, massage, cupping, massage, scraping and other conditioning principles.
3, deep penetration of various parts of the human body and meridian parts, can effectively alleviate the stimulation of the body's sore parts.
Operation method 1: wear gloves, do not need to practice electric
1, glove accessory output mode
You don't need to practice electricity, step on electricity, you can do it yourself, or you can do it for others. Before the operation, soak the electrotherapy gloves with water or lotion, dry and dry (do not screw, because there are wires) . Put a pair of insulating film gloves on your hands first, then use the electric therapy gloves to use them.
2, gloves free operation mode
You don't need to practice electricity and step on electricity. You can do it yourself or you can do it for others. The operation steps are similar to the glove accessory output mode. The difference is that the gloves and the heating patch are respectively inserted into the positive and negative electrodes of the body controller.
Operation method 2: thermal therapy body control instrument operation, beautician needs to practice electricity, step on electricity
Paste the square patch on the customer's body, and use the low-intermediate frequency current pulse to stimulate the acupuncture points to achieve the effect of dredging and meridian.
You need to practice electricity, step on the electricity, and you need to receive the power-resistant training before you can give the customer a diversion work.
Note: Output 1 and output 2 need to be contacted at the same time to switch on the current. The output can be connected to the patch, gloves and electrotherapy shoes as needed. The intensity of use is set according to customer acceptance.
Method 3: Self-therapy mode, training mode
Stick the round patch to your painful area and adjust the gear according to your own resistance to electricity. The self-healing output mode is the same as the glove accessory output mode. They are all connected to the output port of the accessory. The output current is weak. The main function is to directly attach the two self-adhesive electrodes to the painful part and directly treat the electrotherapy. Use it for yourself. No need to practice electricity, step on electricity.
Mode: 10 radio wave modes
Strength: 0~99 files
Working time: 0~99 minutes
Ambient temperature: -5~50°C
Relative temperature: 20%~90% (non-condensing)
AC input: 220V ± 10%, 50HZ
External 12V notebook power supply, input voltage 100V~240V can be used. The output voltage is 12V. Far below the human body safety voltage of 36V.