JYTOP IBP cable sensor,IBP module Invasive Blood Pressure Module for Patient monitor

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The product is a high accuracy blood pressure measure equipment which is used with corresponding monitor.It can measure the blood pressure of the chosen vas (SYS / MAP / DIA) .It is fit for the blood pressure monitor of adult,enfant and infant.

Physics Discreteness

IBP cable, IBP sensor,IBP module


◆ Plug and play IBP technique
◆ It is fit for adult,enfant and infant.
◆ Dual-channel measure
◆ Low-power consumption,dispense with special power supply
◆ Automatic digital data processing
◆ With time after time zero calibration,calibration function
◆ Can monitor
ART Arterial Blood Pressure
PA Pulmonary Arterial Pressure
CVP Center Venous Pressure
RAP Right Atrial Pressure
LAP Left Atrial Pressure
ICP Intracranium Pressure
P1-P2 Expand Pressure
◆ Monitor function
CH1:SYS(Systolic pressure) DIA(Diastolic pressure) MAP(Mean pressure)
CH2:SYS(Systolic pressure) DIA(Diastolic pressure) MAP(Mean pressure)


◆ Measure range : ART 0~40(KPa)
PA -0.8~16(KPa)
CVP/RAP/LAP/ICP -1.3~5.3(KPa)
P1—P2 -1.3~40(KPa)
◆ Zero Calibrationr :every time
◆ Calibration:Termly calibration or the time when using the new sensor
◆ Sensitivity:5μV/V/mmHg
◆ Impedance range:300~3000(Ohm)
◆ Resolution:1(mmHg)
◆ Accuracy:±2% or 1mmHg (select larger)
◆ update Interval:about 1 Sec
◆ Display mode:corresponding monitor screen