JYTOP 2021 Exclusive Vibrating Massage Gloves for Raynauds Syndrome

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2021 exclusive electroic vibrating massage gloves for raynauds syndrome

Product Description

 2018 exclusive vibrating massage gloves for raynauds syndrome

 Model No  JYT-DP16H  Material  Sliver Fiber Made in Korea
 Connector  Snap 2.0/Custom  Size  Free size /custom
 Certificate  RoHS CE  Net Weight/pair  42.9 g/pair 
 Packing Way  1 pair/OPP bag,  500-1000 pairs/carton,or as  the customer's request.  
 Delivery Time  7~35days after payment (Depends on the quantity of the order)


Conductive tens gloves Treats


     • Arthritis of the hand

     • Raynauds Syndrome

     • Repetitive Strain Injury

     • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

     • General pain in the hand

     • Poor circulation


TENS conductive gloves / socks

Many Neurologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Physicians and Physical Therapists recommend this Conductive Glove for their patients with a variety of Hand abnormalities, including: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSD, Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease to name but a few. This is a simple drugless approach to pain treatment. Our universal sized conductive glove is used to treat the entire hand, which would be difficult to treat with individual self-adhesive electrodes. This device simply fits on as a Glove and connects with the Lead wires from your TENS Unit or other Electrotherapy Device. A Self Adhering Electrode is also attached to an area close to the Glove allowing for proper connection and soothing Electrotherapy Current to the affected Hand.



1.TENS conductive gloves made of all natural silver fiber which is the native element. it has excellent conductivity and conductive uniform.

2.The fiber can anti-odor,anti-static,anti-microbial .

3.It is thermodynamic and can take the heat of human body away rapidly .

4.The socks / gloves are used in medical health protection which can help stimulate circulation .


These conductive TENS gloves are sold as a pair and come in two different sizes, this listing is for size medium. They can be used in conjunction with a Tens machine to treat a variety of painful foot conditions as well as improve poor circulation. They can be used either individually (with a large Tens electrode pad) or both together. The gloves can be connected to your Tens unit with either a snap 4.0mm connection lead wire or a standard 2.0mm pin connection lead wire, as the stud on the gloves has an adaptor.



  • Symptomatic relief and management of chronic (long-term) intractable pain

  • Conductive garments will help existing TENS Unit users get the most effectiveness out of their device

  • Garments cover a large surface area of your body

  • Can be applied to hard to reach spots, Simple to use, comfortable, and light weight